From time to time, as a particular brand and model of fitness equipment is widely distributed, is used in various environments and is used with various patterns of use, design flaws or possible dangerous component failures become evident. When they do and if the failure could result in injury, they fall under the regulation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If the CPSC orders a recall of your home gym, treadmill, elliptical cross trainer, stationary bike, indoor rower, or any other exercise device, they will notify the fitness equipment manufacturer, who will attempt to contact you directly or through the selling dealer, if possible. However, they may not have your correct, current contact information.

If you would like to check to see if any of your home gym or other fitness equipment, whether it is strength or cardio equipment, has been recalled, visit http://www.recalls.gov and follow the instructions. If your fitness equipment has been recalled the website will direct you, as to how to get your product repaired.

Product recalls of exercise equipment are serious issues. As an example, failure to address a recall of a home gym could result in injury or even death to the user.



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