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We provide replacement gym cables and custom gym
cables for home gyms, commercial gyms and strength units.



The Foremost Supplier Of Replacement Home Gym Cables

If you are looking for a replacement cable for a residential gym, we can assist you with that. Our skilled technicians can fabricate replacement gym cables for nearly any brand or model of home gym, regardless of the age, brand, model, vintage or size of the residential gym while offering a quick turnaround time, all at reasonable prices.

Using a residential gym that has one or more frayed, skinned, damaged or old worn cables is dangerous and could lead to serious injury to the user of the gym.  Don’t take chances with your family’s safety; replace defective cables now BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.

For specific pricing of your gym cable, please send your cable (maximum of five)* along with your name, address and contact phone number to:


US Clients Only
We will contact you with a price. If you decline, we will return your original gym cable at no charge.

* For larger orders or if you have any questions, please call (215) 773-6900 or email EmpireFit@verizon.net.


We can provide top cables, main cables, lat cables, ab cables, low pulley cables, low row cables, row cables, lat pull down cables, pec deck cables, mid cables, middle cables, leg extension cables, leg curl cables, leg press cables, arm curl cables, arm position cables, leg position cables, butterfly position cables, triceps cables, abdominal cables, weight stack cables, weight machine cables, custom cables, short cables, long cables, virtually any home gym cable.

Some brands we service are: Batca, Best Fitness, Bio-Dyne, Bio Force, Body Craft, Body Masters, Body Solid, Bow Flex, Champion, Cybex, Dynabody Fitness, Eagle, Free Motion, Gold’s Gym, Harvard Sports, Hoist Fitness, Icarian, Keys Fitness, King, Life Fitness, Life Strength, Magnum, Marcy, Maxicam, Maximus, Nautilus, Pacific Fitness, Parabody Fitness, Paramount Fitness, Precor, Proform, Pyramid, Quantum Fitness, Schwinn, Sorinex, Strive, Torque, Total gym, Tuff Stuff, Universal Gym, Vectra Fitness, Weider, York.



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