Do you need air conditioning, a radio, DVD player, etc in your car? Obviously not. Well, you don't need all of those gym attachments either. Your home gym came with a few attachments and technically, that is enough for you to use the gym. However, if you want to get the most benefit out of you home gym, adding a variety of attachments is an economical way to get the most out of all of the positions on the gym. The attachments really are a small cost compared to the cost of the home gym and are easy to attach to the ends of the gym cables, which are usually equipped with snap links for that purpose.

Gym attachments for home gyms and commercial gyms come in a wide variety of designs intended to work muscle groups in different ways. Lat bars come in different lengths, usually 48 inches or something close to 20 inches, but the variations of lat bars are myriad. Some lat pull down bars have D-handles at the ends, some are bent near the ends, others are shaped like curl bars. All are designed to offer grip variations to give different workouts. Triceps ropes or triceps pull down bars can be substituted for the lat bars, or stirrup handles can be used. V-handle attachments are often used on a gym's rowing position or low pulley position.

Additionally, various straps are available too, like ab straps, ankle straps, or ankle cuffs and pull down straps. Another inexpensive addition is a 5 lb add on weight for those times when you want to add weight, but you are not ready go a whole weight plate higher.



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